Monday, January 7, 2013

Suggested names for an atheist church

Prompted by the list of alternatives to the term "interfaith" that appeared on this blog earlier today, my friend Alex Vera wrote to offer his suggestions for the name of an "atheist church", each of which derive from the title of De Rerum Natura. Alex asserts that this epic poem of stoic philosophy is "a great starting point for all matters interfaith and euprasophical, since natural stuff includes all the above, but also leans towards naturalism within itself and, by reference to its author, Lucretius, an underlying sense of atheism/secularism."
  • barums (suggesting bars, where people of all denominations congregate for discussion and the consumption of alcohol)
  • brorums (more fraternal version of the above)
  • brostitutions (LOL)
  • rerumstitutions (a nice institutional ring to it, right?)
  • freerums (blending Freemasonry, De Derum Natura, and an endorsement of free drinks)
  • freereasonry (self-explanatory)
Would you accept an invitation to join the Brostitution of Freereasonry?


Other suggestions that have begun to come in over the transom:

  • secular society (suggested by Maria G.)

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